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Building Advanced Data-Centric Smart Clients

Wanting to get into .NET but make it more productive.... Get techniques for performing data validation, dirty' record recognition logic, and many other routine capabilities of data applications, with minimal code. See the end result: a set of tools and techniques that allow a typical data maintenance program to be created in just a few minutes, and also allow it to be extended and improved for a specific application.

Then we will demo the best code generators for .NET If you are using or thinking about .NET this is one session not to miss.

Adam Cogan is a Chief Architect at Superior Software for Windows, a Microsoft Certified Professional specializing in .NET Solutions. At SSW, Adam has been developing custom solutions for businesses across a range of industries such as banking, insurance and manufacturing since 1990. Adam develops primarily in Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server 2000, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Access 2002, and Outlook 2002/Exchange Server 2000 often using n-tier architecture.

Adam is one of only two Microsoft MSDN Regional Directors in Australia. In this role, he regularly visits Microsoft headquarters in Seattle to learn the latest on Microsoft strategic directions and to undertake training in development technologies. (This provides SSW employees, its clients and user group attendees with a special relationship in the computer software industry - technical support at the highest level, and a measure of protection for their business investments in a rapidly evolving technology environment). Adam has been President of the 'Microsoft .NET User Group, Sydney' since 1992. After computers, his interests lie in traveling and sports, especially tennis and soccer.

Billy Hollis is a nationally recognized consultant, author, and software developer. He is the co-author of the first book ever published on Visual Basic .NET, as well as several other .NET books.  Billy specializes in Architecture for .NET systems, Distributed smart client design development, Commercial software system consulting and development.   In addition, Billy offers in-depth, on-site training in .NET, often as an adjunct to a consulting engagement.  Billy also speaks on software development and best practices at national conferences, such as Comdex, Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC), TechEd, and VSLive. He was chosen by Microsoft to train all 200 instructors for the first .NET Developer Tour, held in fall of 2001.

Billy has been an MSDN Regional Director for Microsoft for five years, and was chosen Regional Director of the Year for 2001.


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